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Project Pie Park Square

Have you heard of Project Pie before? Chances are, you have. But hearing about it and actually trying it out are two separate matters. With over six branches and still expanding in various parts of Manila, the usual it’s-too-far excuse is already rendered useless. Speaking of branches, Project Pie is opening yet another store in the ever bustling city of Makati very very very soon. Specifically, at Park Square.

Project Pie Park Square will usher in a new era of pizza-making. The branch will be sporting new types of equipment and furnitures. Tables are now wood-ified
, chairs included. Light bulbs are fewer in number but are now fortified with silver luminary railing-like material. A zigzagged glass exterior adorns the store, giving off the impression of simplicity with an edge. Literally. What’s more, gender-specific restrooms. No more waiting for the person before you to finish and guessing whether that person is male or female. Plus, a lounge for people to wait at before using the restrooms should both be occupied. All in all, a handful of firsts for Project Pie. The managers have even gone so far as calling it Project Pie Version 2.0. Awesomesauce!


If everything goes as planned, this new store should open its doors to the busy people of Makati this week. Yes. That soon. An upcoming dry run should also occur this Tuesday with two shifts: lunch (12NN-2PM) and dinner (4PM-8PM). Tickets are distributed to the pioneer team of the store, each having four tickets. One ticket entitles the lucky holder with a complimentary build-your-own pizza and a drink. Sounds pizzerific, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for a new branch to open near you. By then, you’ll be busy counting how many strands of gray hair you have. Plot your visit to a Project Pie near you. Bring some friends! Embark on an adventure to become the best pizzaiolo in town. Remember, being awesome starts with you.

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